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English Strawberries meets Canadian Maple Syrup and English grown Habanero peppers.


A spicy sauce with summer sweetness.
Perfect for BBQ seared steak, a spiced-up Pimms, a fruity scone with clotted cream and it's the perfect dressing for your roasted courgettes & whipped feta salad

Strawberry, Maple & Habanero

  • 150ml glass bottle, see base for best before & batch no
    Please Re-use & Recycle

    No listed Allergens, however it is made in a kitchen that handles allergens - So may contain trace elements 

    Vegan Friendly. No Refined Sugar. No Fat.

    Once opened please refrigerate and eat within 3 months.
    100% Natural so seperation is normal, however it doesn’t look great so we use a bit of xanthan (as it doesn’t interfere with the taste it's all good)

    Ingredients List: HERE

    Energy 107.49kcal/449.7kj
    Fat 0.66g
    of which saturates  
    Carbohydrates  24.19g
    of which sugars 15.69g
    Fibre 4.58g
    Protein 1.97g
    Salt 296.37mg
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