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Oakes hot sauce was started in 2023, like most purely by accident.
As a chef for nearly 2 decades it was disappointing to not find a decent hot sauce. Obviously thinking that sauce with depth of flavour should be more prevalent Oakes Hot Sauce was born with the desire to make great tasting hot sauce for everyone.

We're flavour first, food that goes on food.
Can be enjoyed no matter what you're eating. great for chips, great for tacos & burritos, scrambled eggs, wings, ribs, veggies. cheese, ice cream and obviously works amazingly well for marinating too!


never a gimmick to blow your head off.
No Tinctures, No extracts, No artificial flavours, No colourings, no added fat, No Refined sugar, never fructose sugar or glucose or invert sugar 0r any other fake stuff in our sauces.

Hot sauce is basically a spicy soup, we've tried really hard to get them right, not too thick as like a relish or chutney but not too thin as vinegar!

each recipe has been meticulously tested and tweaked until tasting great and ready to add some flavour & spice to your life!


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