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The quintisential OG Wild West-style BBQ Sauce, with local honey, American bourbon whiskey and smoked chilli.

250ml, so slightly bigger than our other sauces.

Whilst not actually a hot sauce, I just love the recipe, so I tweaked it with a hint of chipotle, this is the perfect dipping sauce!


And as it's top ingredients Are NOT caramelised Sugar syrup or Frutcose syrup or Corn Syrup or Invert Sugar or Glucose syrup or Modified Starch etc; it's ideal for mixing with apple juice or apple cider vinegar for a bbq spray/baste. And of course, to marinade ready for low'n'slow cooking

Wild West BBQ

  • 250ml glass bottle, see base for best before & batch no
    Please Re-use & Recycle

    Contains FISH, made in a kitchen that handles allergens - So may contain trace elements 

    Once opened please refrigerate and eat within 3 months.
    100% Natural so seperation is normal, however it doesn’t look great so we use a bit of xanthan (as it doesn’t interfere with the taste it's all good)

    Ingredients List: Worcestershire Sauce. Runny Honey,

    Energy 107.49kcal/449.7kj
    Fat 0.66g
    of which saturates  
    Carbohydrates  24.19g
    of which sugars 15.69g
    Fibre 4.58g
    Protein 1.97g
    Salt 296.37mg
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